Ubuntu is a really popular Operating System, which employs the Linux kernel. Though it's used mainly on personal computers, its server version has been gaining in popularity nowadays as well. Ubuntu is among the lightest Linux releases available and it is compatible with almost any hardware, that makes it a universal Operating System. In addition, it is very stable and secure and has an at the very least a five-year support life cycle, so you're able to receive official safety and performance updates. Unlike alternative OS's, Ubuntu is distributed without license fees and you are able to modify its core, and / or all of the countless packages it contains, in any way you see fit. This enables you to set up the perfect software environment for your web applications irrespective of their requirements. As a result of the popularity of the Operating System, Ubuntu has large developer and user communities, which means that you'll always find find numerous materials on the world wide web about any question or problem that you may have.

Ubuntu in VPS Servers

Ubuntu is available with all of our VPS web hosting service and you can acquire a VPS running it in less than 60 minutes. 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the OS are available, so you're able to pick the one that you need if the software that you would like to run on the web hosting server has particular system requirements in this regard. You can also select whether your Ubuntu-powered VPS should be installed without a Control Panel, in which case you will have full root access and you can install anything using a console; or if the Hepsia Control Panel should be set up on it, in which case you will have a world wide web interface and all the required web server, MySQL, FTP, e-mail server, etcetera. software will be pre-installed. The root access in the second case will be more restricted, but this type of installation is more suitable for users with less experience. We will also keep your Ubuntu up-to-date regularly when you add the Managed Services upgrade. You will be able to do this during the VPS order process or at any later time via your billing Control Panel.

Ubuntu in Dedicated Servers

Ubuntu is among the OS options which you can find on our registration page when you choose to acquire one of our Linux dedicated servers. We can install the 32-bit or the 64-bit release, in order to meet the system requirements of the apps which you want to set up on the server. You can also select the software that will run on your machine, due to the fact that we will install only the Apache web server software, so everything else can be customized software of your liking. You'll be able to install the latter without any problems using a Secure Shell console, as you'll get root-level access and you'll have full control over your hosting server. You are free to set up a web hosting Control Panel too and manage some things from a graphical interface, as long as it can work on an Ubuntu-driven machine. To make things easier, we also provide a Managed Services upgrade, that, among other things, contains Operating System updates.