We invested a considerable time making the three fundaments of our hosting enterprise: our cloud service platform, the Online Control Panel and our outstanding 24/7 support.

A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform

Crafted by some of the top–acclaimed developers around, our cloud hosting platform runs perfectly irrespective of what site you want to manage there or the number of simultaneous guests are checking your site. What is more, it can withstand just about any DDoS attack. That’s the reason why we can confidently offer you a 99.9% uptime warranty. Which means that your web sites will stay on the Internet and will continue to serve guests regardless of what goes on on the server.

Hepsia File Manager

Online Control Panel

A basic component of our cloud hosting platform is undoubtedly our Online Control Panel named Hepsia. And so, we designed it to be so simple to operate. And we did not compromise any functionality – the Control Panel is fully–featured and apart from the common website handling software tools, it has also many instruments for proficient customers.

What the Control Panel does best is to enable you to put emphasis on running your sites and domain names. To give an example, you’ll no longer have to use a different billing panel – all things are conducted from the same place. You can actually eliminate all FTP clients – our file manager delivers a drag–and–drop file upload support. You no longer need to have separate panels as a way to control several sites – we’ve rendered multiple–website management very simple. A website stats tool begins operating the moment you take your web site online. And you can now apply our Website Accelerator Tools to immediately maximize your website’s loading speed.

Hepsia File Manager


Support is truly important when you manage a web hosting organization. Our skilled techs are available 24x7. And in addition we provide a one–hour response time warranty, meaning that all assistance problems are answered in just an hour.

This means that it is easy to call us at 12 A.M. on New Year’s Eve and we will be there, able to assist.

Hepsia File Manager

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